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Cutest watermelon EVER!

This is not craft related, but I had to share! We subscribe to an organic food basket for the summer, that means we paid a “family farmer” and each week we go meet them and collect our organic fruits and vegetables.

Last Thursday, we got watermelons. They are the cutest watermelons ever! See for yourself:


Well, you say, they look like perfectly normal watermelons. What’s so cute about them?

They’re tiny!!


I can now say that I once ate a WHOLE watermelon by myself! 😛

To learn more about organic agriculture and family farmers, see Equiterre.org.


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I henna’d myself!

I ordered a henna kit from Henna Sooq a couple of months ago and just got around to mixing myself a batch and applying it.

This is the first one I made. Totally improvised, therefore it looks haphazard. But I still like the flower! (The picture was taken about a week afterwards, so it’s not at it’s darkest. The side of the leg doesn’t seem to stain very dark though…)


This is the second one I did, more mehndi-style.


Then I had to try on my boyfriend! 😛 We chose together something that looked more masculine (and not too complicated for me)!


For more information about henna, go to the Henna Page (check out the “science of henna” section, very interesting!!) or Henna Sooq.

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