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No knead bread

I came across this super easy no knead recipe for white bread. http://www.nytimes.com/2006/11/08/dining/081mrex.html?ex=1320642000&en=d5976d62a4577548&ei=5088&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss

Here’s what my loaf looked like:

White bread loaf

White bread loaf (with first slices taken out!)



I mixed it on Sunday morning and my boyfriend cooked it while I was at work on Monday. He used the inside (ceramic) part of our slow cooker as our dutch oven is too small.

When I got home from work, I cooked some soup to go with the bread!

With my soup

With my soup!

We found the bread a bit salty to our taste, but still delicious. We’ll have to experiment with wheat flour and additional ingredients such as cheese (yum!), herbs, grains, fruits, etc.


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Painting ceramics

It’s a bit late, but during my floridian escapade, I went to this ceramics painting place called “Art from the Heart”, in Dunedin, with a couple of friends. I made a chocolate ice cream cone and a Christmas decoration.

Chocolate Ice Cream Cone

Mmmm.... chocolate....

Jazzy Christmas Tree

Jazzy Christmas Tree

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Gryphon book cover

I made this for a friend’s birthday (very very late!). She loves gryphons so I machine free stitched an image I found on the net.

I used a method where you baste the pattern (tissue paper) on the piece and you sew over it: bad idea!! I went over each line a couple of times to give it a certain style. When it came to tearing the tissue paper, it got stuck in the tiny spaces between the lines. I then tried various methods of removing the paper, from trying to scratch it to soaking the piece in water (which only made it worse). Finally, I did it the hard way, I scratched away with a tiny pin to remove the paper. Anyway, not the best idea of the century!

I used different fabrics: green leafy cotton, rust rayon (I think it’s rayon…) and beige tule. The different textures and colours add depth to the object.

For the closure, I didn’t want something bulky or that would hide the design so I chose a light green ribbon from my stash and bought a nice brass coloured button.

gryphon boon cover

Design details

Close-up of the gryphon design

Button closure

Close-up of the button closure

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Small notebook

I went to a book binding workshop in the winter at a place called “Au Papier Japonais“.

I thought my experience was so-so. First, it was freaking cold outside (nothing to put me in a good mood), and the studio was in a shady neighbourhood. Then, during the workshop, called “Bookbinding 101”, I felt like I was already supposed to know how to bookbind. There were people who had already taken bookbinding classes and were interrupting the workshop with personal anecdotes (don’t we all love that!). The animator didn’t really explain how to do anything, but she did explain the parts of the book and the tools of the bookbinder. Fortunately, the other two ladies sitting at my table looked about as clueless as I felt. And surprisingly, I finished my notebook first. Here’s what it looks like:

notebookThe cover, made of chartreuse japanese paper with green bamboo print and red, green, brown and white flowers.

notebookThe inside. You can see the red flyleaves and the pages. The animator let us experiment with different kinds of papers for the pages.

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