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Purple wristwarmers

I’m in a purple mood lately… I also wanted something wearable to work (my pink wristwarmers are getting a bit frayed and the colour doesn’t fit with everything).

I learned how to knit an afterthought thumb with this pattern. But didn’t enjoy it… I also thought the pattern was a bit weird because the arm really flares out after the wrist. Worn on bare arms they look like superhero gloves! 😛 But they look nice worn over vest or hoodie sleeves like in the photo.

These were knitted with the same yarn as the hat and scarf my mom made me last year (she gave me the rest!). Purple acrylic yarn.


Purple wristwarmers

Purple wristwarmers (notice the purple nail polish! Purple mood :D)

The pattern is Silmu Arms by Marianne Heikkonen. It’s available for download on Ravelry.



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