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This is a project I did a gazillion years ago (okay, maybe two, or something like that). I didn’t think I had any pictures of it on my computer. I didn’t have my camera at the time and took pictures with my phone. I was looking through old picture today and lo! there they were!

Shrinky Dinks Notebook

Shrinky Dinks Notebook

I made the notebook for a craft swap on Craftster called “OTT [One tiny thing] Shrinky Dinks”. It was one of the first times I’d played with Shrinky Dinks. For those who’ve never heard of the stuff, Shrinky Dinks is a brand of shrinking plastic. It comes in thin, flexible sheets of about 8″ x 10″, with one rough side and one smooth side. You color on the rough side and cut it to the shape you want. You then put in a few seconds in the oven and it shrinks to about a quarter of the size and become very rigid. It’s really amazing to watch! It becomes all wrinkly and almost spastic and then it becomes smooth again and really tiny! It’s sold in department stores and craft stores in the kids section.

The roses on the cover come from an Art Nouveau permission-free pattern book. The book I bought didn’t come with a CD-ROM though, so I photocopied, enlarged and traced the pattern to transfer it onto the shrink plastic.

I used the “fusible” method to add dimension to the cover. To do this, I drew the roses on two different sheets. One I left whole, and I cut up all the petal of the second sheet. I shrunk all the pieces individually and then baked the whole thing again, this time stacking the single petals on the whole sheet.

The pages are made with scrapbooking paper and the book is binded with the method described on this site.

Mini notebook

Inside the mini notebook


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Small notebook

I went to a book binding workshop in the winter at a place called “Au Papier Japonais“.

I thought my experience was so-so. First, it was freaking cold outside (nothing to put me in a good mood), and the studio was in a shady neighbourhood. Then, during the workshop, called “Bookbinding 101”, I felt like I was already supposed to know how to bookbind. There were people who had already taken bookbinding classes and were interrupting the workshop with personal anecdotes (don’t we all love that!). The animator didn’t really explain how to do anything, but she did explain the parts of the book and the tools of the bookbinder. Fortunately, the other two ladies sitting at my table looked about as clueless as I felt. And surprisingly, I finished my notebook first. Here’s what it looks like:

notebookThe cover, made of chartreuse japanese paper with green bamboo print and red, green, brown and white flowers.

notebookThe inside. You can see the red flyleaves and the pages. The animator let us experiment with different kinds of papers for the pages.

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