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Double-knit hat

I made this last year (I don’t know why I didn’t post it at the time…). I wanted a really warm hat for winter. The wind here tends to find its way through knitted stitches easily. So I tried double-knitting. Double-knitting is a method where you knit two strands at a time (usually one with your left and one with your right hand) to make a double, reversible fabric. It’s a bit hard to get the tension right when double-knitting (for me, at least, because I’m not used to knitting with my left hand), that’s why one side looks a bit funky.

I knitted it in acrylic yarn, in burnt orange and brown mix. The orange yarn is the same I used for Bella’s mittens.

Reversible hat

Both sides of the reversible hat

The pattern is “Not-your-grandma’s-double-knit Hat” by Jenanne Hassler over at Knitty.



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