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Felted fairy slippers

I made those slippers for my partner in the “For the love of Faeries swap” on Craftster. I used the pattern “Elf shoes” on Ravelry. Once they were felted and dry I added chain stitch swirls in acrylic yarn and clear plastic beads to make them go from “elf shoes” to “fairy shoes”!

Fairy slippers

Fairy slippers

This being my first felting experience, I was a bit scared by the size of the slippers as I knitted them! They were huge clown slippers! Fortunately, they shrunk a lot during the felting process. To felt, I used the washing machine method described on knitty.com. I used old pillow cases to prevent fibers from clogging the machine. I used the heavy setting on the machine, very hot water and my normal laundry detergent. I checked every five minutes like they said in the Knitty article and I had to remove the slippers before the end of the cycle. I let the pillow cases get washed through the cycle but removed the slippers.

To block, I used plastic bags. I stuffed the slippers with them until I was satisfied with the shape. I was a bit worried about the smell: they smelled like a wet dog! For two days! Yeah, it took two days for the slippers to completely dry and for the smell to go.

Fortunately, everything was okay in the end and my partner loved her new slippers!


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