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Fridge frames

I saw this post on Pinterest a while back and when I got the school pictures from my nephews and nieces, decided this was the best way to put them on display on my fridge.


I didn’t use the exact method Leah, from The Way We Are, showed in her post. I simply got cheap plastic frames and sheets of magnet from the dollar store and put them together. Here’s a simple tutorial if you want to do it at home too.

You will need:
A cheap photo frame
One (or more, if you have a bigger frame) sheet of magnet
Popsicle sticks
A flathead screwdriver and/or a pair of longnose pliers
A hot glue gun
Scissors (not on picture)
A ruler (not on picture)
A pencil (not on picture)


1) Take out the back of the frame.


Flip it over. If you have the cheapest kind of frame you can get, like I did, there should be metal grommets attaching the stand to the back of the frame.


Use the flathead screwdriver or the pliers to raise the “arms” of the grommets and then to push them out of the holes.


The back of the frame should now be flat.


2) With the hot glue gun, glue popsicle sticks to the back of the frame. I used five. Just make sure it covers a big part of the back.


3) Measure the area occupied by the popsicle sticks. For me it was 5 x 4 1/2 inches. Cut the sheet of magnet down to the right size. Peel off the adhesive backing and glue it on the popsicle sticks.


And there you have it! Just put your picture in the frame and enjoy a nice and clean fridge door!


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